Skills Explorers Learn That Can Be Used in Today’s Job

Explorers benefit from learning many career-related skills. While those are extremely helpful as they continue on their career path, there are other skills Explorers are able to put to use right away.

  1. Time Management Skills – Explorers participate in their posts outside of school and other school activities. Homework, school activities, and post meetings all need a place in an Explorers life, and the skill of balancing these activities leads to balancing an even fuller schedule when adults.
  2. Self-Confidence – Explorers build confidence as they successfully participate in activities they could be doing in their future careers.
  3. Social Skills – Explorers with all different backgrounds come together with a common career interest. Explorers learn how to relate to others and find common interests outside of school.
  4. Respect – Exploring advisors provide the learning experiences to Explorers as volunteers. Explorers realize that the more respect they show their leaders, the more activities and information they can learn.
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