Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Our Post Advisors are great at giving all our Explorers unique hands-on experiences in the career fields. Advisors can also help Explorers figure out the next steps in their career path. These questions provide a spring-board to those helpful discussions.

“Were you always interested in this career?” (Or “What drew you to this career?”)
The answer will usually shows what parts of the career drew the Advisor to the position. Youu can compare if those are the same aspects that are a draw for you.

“What type of education is required for this career?”
This will let you know what steps you need to plan for after high school. Not all careers require a college degree. You could need a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate degree from a formal college or university. Or you could need trade school. Another option might be on the job training.

“Can I earn any credits for this career in high school?”
Wouldn’t you like to be further ahead in your career plans by the time you’re done with high school? Many times you can save some post-high school time by taking some college courses while in high school. If they can fit in your schedule, you could be significantly ahead in your studies by the time you graduate high school.

“What are some other jobs related to this career?”
Don’t get discouraged if what you see in the Exploring program isn’t what you want to do in your career. Many career fields have a multitude of different careers that are related.

“Are there volunteer opportunities available?”
Volunteer opportunities are a great way to get more experience in a career field while starting to build a resume. Many organizations rely on volunteers to help with their mission. So by volunteering, you not only help others, but will also build your resume.

“Does your business/organization have interns?”
It’s never too early to start thinking about how to get experience for your resume. Knowing who hires interns is useful when busy with a full course-load. Plus, having been an Explorer may give you an edge other candidates don’t have.

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