Skills Explorers Learn That Can Be Used in Today’s Job

Explorers benefit from learning many career-related skills. While those are extremely helpful as they continue on their career path, there are other skills Explorers are able to put to use right away. Time Management Skills - Explorers participate in their posts outside of school and other school activities. Homework, school activities, and post meetings all need [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Advisor

Our Post Advisors are great at giving all our Explorers unique hands-on experiences in the career fields. Advisors can also help Explorers figure out the next steps in their career path. These questions provide a spring-board to those helpful discussions. "Were you always interested in this career?" (Or "What drew you to this career?") The answer [...]

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2016 Top High School Career Interests

According to a survey conducted in the spring of 2016, here are the top 20 career interests of area high school students. Nurse, Registered / Practitioner Teacher Physician / Surgeon Veterinarian / Veterinary Technician Mechanical Engineer Photographer Artist Athletic Trainer / Sports Medicine Physical Corrective Therapist Musician / Singer Psychologist / Psychiatrist Professional Athlete Entrepreneur [...]

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